5 Pastel Pink Tissue Paper Pom Poms In 2 Sizes

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  • Product Code: PP12
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Delightfully nostalgic vintage pastel rose pink party decorations: 3 large and 2 small tissue paper pom poms.

Open out and hang up to create the wow factor for your party.
Whether you\\\\\\\'re planning a winter or summer wedding, baby shower, christening or birthday party, these are the perfect decoration.
A perfect vintage and wedding pink colour which lends itself as a beautiful partner to the very popular copper and gold in vogue just now.

Contains 5 unassembled tissue paper pom poms.
Included are (diameter when fluffed):
* 3 x 32.5cm
* 2 x 25.5cm

They arrive in kit form with full instructions and are easy to make up.
Warning: Not intended to be used near candles or near open flames.