Tissue Paper Flower 10\" Tangerine Orangesicle Yellow

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Tissue Paper Flower 10

Fluff up your decor with charming tissue paper flowers. Tissue Paper Flowers are a decor must have for weddings and events. Shop our collection of carefully curated color combinations to create a one of a kind tissue paper flower bouquet. You can also hang your oversized wallflowers to design the perfect event decor. Each flower is layered with tissue pollen, two unique petal colors and tissue leaves.

Each oversized tissue paper flower comes with ribbon, pre-cut, and folded. Simple assembly required.

Dimensions: Bottom layer measures approximately 10 inches in diameter when fluffed and bloomed.

Assembly could not be easier. Align your tissue layers so that they are centered in the flower as layers may have shifted during shipment. Simply take the ribbon included with your tissue paper flower and re-wrap it around the center of your flower. Tie the ribbon and ensure the knot is tight enough to prevent the ribbon from sliding. Next, begin fluffing your tissue flower starting with the center pollen, then follow one tissue layer at a time.