Red & Green Tissue Paper Honeycomb Decorations

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  • Product Code: HD4
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3 large red & green tissue paper honeycomb bauble decorations.

Modern and marvellous, these delightful paper decorations are the ideal festive addition to your home this Christmas.
Add colour, height and elegance to your home with this Talking Tables set of 3 paper bauble honeycomb decorations.
These festive forest green, bright green and red honeycomb baubles are perfect for hanging up by your window or on the mantelpiece.
Our top tip is to arrange your honeycomb decorations in odd numbers to create the best display.

Easy to unfold and turn into an impressive hanging decoration and can be reused many times over.
Pack of 3, each 12\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" tall in red, forest green & bright green.