Pink Cadillac Party & Food Trays

  • Brand: Paper
  • Product Code: HD7
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5 pink Cadillac party & food trays all including food box, cups and more for kids at parties.

The Cadillacs come with 2 compartments fully loaded with 5 of the following: White paper lunch boxes, white paper cups, straws, pink cocktail umbrellas and cellophane bags for treats, sweets or gifts.

Kids at weddings and big events will have the most fun at the table with these food and treat trays.
Fill with food, drinks, treats or party gifts for the most fabulous table settings fit for any little or large Lady Penelope.

Set contains: 5 Cadillac food trays with all tableware extras.
Made from card and is flat packed, very easy to assemble.
Size: 29cm long x 12 cm wide x 6.5cm high.